Rise of Dragons

Game 8

Return to the Camp

Our Heroes made it back to Greenest with Leosin and the other rescued prisoners in tow. Leosin said he intents to head North, but needs at least a few days rest before he’s good to travel. The other prisoners were happy to be home, and Governor Nighthill helped them get settled before rewarding the players their promised 250g each.

The Heroes were able to get their magic items ID’d in town and found out the following about their new items:

  • Ring of Speak with Animals
  • Bracers of Armor +1
  • Wand of Hold Person
  • Short Sword +1

More details on how the items work will be available soon.

The next day, Leosin met with the party and asked them to help him again. He had to leave to meet up with his monks as soon as he could, but in the mean time needed someone to keep an eye on the cult. He asked the players to return to the camp in disguise and see what they’re up to. Make sure nothing too dangerous was immediately in the works.

The Players agreed and headed out. However upon arrival, they found their disguises unnecessary. the camp had moved! They found out from some hunters that a few of the leaders and a bunch of kobolds stayed behind in the cave, but all the rest of the camp packed up and left within hours of Leosin’s escape. For some reason Leosin being free really had them worried…

The players searched around the camp but it had been thoroughly stripped, so they decided to explore the cave. The Nursery as they heard it referred to before. As they started to head in, Rin was seen near the entrance and something inside moved deeper into the darkness. Exploration of this large cave will continue, next time.


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