Rise of Dragons

Game 7

Escape from the Raiders

The adventure opened with our heroes tied up, on their knees, situated in a row with Frulam pacing back and forth in front of them. They were surrounded by cultists with no sign of escape.

Frulam interrogated the group while Rezmir watched on. It soon became apparent that the magic-sword-wielding black half-dragon was using some sort of magic to read the minds of the heroes. It didn’t matter what stories or lies they came up with, the Dragon-cult knew the truth!

After hearing each PC’s plea, Frulam sentenced them all to death at dawn. They were carried off to the prisoner pit and tied up with the others. Other prisoners that included Leosin! The players found the monk to be severely injured and malnurished, but he didn’t want to leave. With a bit of wisdom however they convinced him he was too far gone to continue his quest. And they were going to rescue him. How would they do that while all chained up? Easy.. They have a shape-shifting druid.

Rin quickly shed her chains (and everything else) by morphing into her direwolf form. She took out the nearby guards, with some help from Valdrek’s magic, and soon enough the PCs were free and running to the hills.

A mile or so outside of camp, the PCs quite unexpectedly ran into a group of deserters. They were caught by surprise and dispatched quickly. Turns out they had stolen a bag of loot from the Nursery cave and the PCs now have it. The loot included some coin and several magic items.

Continuing on, the PC’s made it back to just outside Greenest where they camped in the early dawn hours and let the prisoners rest up.

Thus ends Chapter 3. And all players now have a magic item. and all players can now advance to level 3!


ChrisVogel ChrisVogel

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