Rise of Dragons

Game 5

In Pursuit of the Cult

Last month (and year) Our heroes saw the end of the raid of Greenest. As things settled down and the next day dawned, they met up with a monk who had some info on the cult. This monk, Nesim, and his Master Leosin have been studying the cult for some time. Leosin may have information on their real motives, but unfortunately he disappeared during the raid!

Nesim thinks he was taken hostage, and asked the heroes to keep an eye out for him.

The Governor of Greenest also offered a hefty reward to the players if they could bring back some specific pieces of information.

- Where is the cultist’s camp
- How many raiders are we dealing with?
- Who are their leaders?
- What’s their motivation?
- Who’s their next target?

Completing this will net each player 250g.

The Heroes headed out SW, following the wide swath of trampled grass the cult left behind. Soon enough they came upon some stragglers and beat them down. They captured two and after some serious threats of torture from Emrys, the heroes learned that the rest of the group is traveling on to a camp where the cult keeps dragon eggs, and that the main group will have a rear-guard setup to watch for followers.

With that warning firmly in mind, the heroes were ready to continue their pursuit, as soon as they decide what to do with the 2 cultists they had tied up…


ChrisVogel ChrisVogel

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