Rise of Dragons

Game 4

A Village Saved

Last session, our heroes saw the end of the raid on the village of Greenest. But it started, with a Dragon! An adult blue dragon working for the cult launched an attack on the keep itself after the heroes started interfering with their plans. After a few well placed spells and arrows, however, the big dragon decided it wasn’t worth it and flew off.

Our bard Valdrek penned a rousing tune telling the tale of Emry’s arrow that scared the beast away.

Just Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
a tale of a fabled shot!
fired from a sundered keep,
In-to a dragons… WHAT?

This inspiring tune was rewarded with, well, Inspiration for Valdrek!

After the dragon flew off, the PC’s were recouping inside when commotion from the gate caught their attention. An injured guard, Sergeant Markguth, came in claiming that a huge cultist half-dragon had his family!

Sure enough, the monstrous half-dragon known as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath sent out a challenge to the heroes in the keep. He had Markguth’s family held hostage, and said they would die unless the keep’s one greatest warrior came out to face him. Emrys took the challenge without hesitation.

In a valiant, but short fight, Emrys scored a series of powerful blow against Cyanwrath before dropping to a combo of spear attack and lightning breath. Emrys fell, critically injured while Cyanwrath gloated over him. Emrys’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain, however, as true to his word the half-dragon let the family of prisoners go.

As Cyanwrath left the keep, he took the rest of the cultists with him, thus ending the raid. Greenest is safe, for now… But what about Emrys?

Luckily, a healer was nearby. As Emrys failed his death save and took his last rattling breath, a Halfling Cleric came out of the keep and offered a quick prayer to Brandobaris to save the life of this brave warrior. That prayer was answered as the Halfling’s magic stabilized Emrys and the heroes carried his injured form into the keep for some much needed rest.

The PCs rested, healed, and woke up the next day to meet with the Governor. Because they’re the hero’ish sort, they offered to give all the loot they’ve found back to the city, since it was stolen from the villagers anyway.

The Governor let them know he had a mission for them regarding the raid as soon as they were ready. And also let them know that Greenest owed them a debt. Rooms are on the house, Any equipment they can spare is free. And he also provided 2 healing potions for the party.

Total Loot
2 healing Potions

Total XP
For scaring off the dragon 100xp each
For saving Markguth’s family – 50xp each
For Ending the Raid on Greenest – 200xp each
For facing Cyanwrath – 50xp to Emrys
Total XP = 350xp each (400 to Emrys)
so that’s 816xp for most players grand total, and 866 for Emrys
Still level 2, but working towards that 3rd level!


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