Rise of Dragons

Game 8
Return to the Camp

Our Heroes made it back to Greenest with Leosin and the other rescued prisoners in tow. Leosin said he intents to head North, but needs at least a few days rest before he’s good to travel. The other prisoners were happy to be home, and Governor Nighthill helped them get settled before rewarding the players their promised 250g each.

The Heroes were able to get their magic items ID’d in town and found out the following about their new items:

  • Ring of Speak with Animals
  • Bracers of Armor +1
  • Wand of Hold Person
  • Short Sword +1

More details on how the items work will be available soon.

The next day, Leosin met with the party and asked them to help him again. He had to leave to meet up with his monks as soon as he could, but in the mean time needed someone to keep an eye on the cult. He asked the players to return to the camp in disguise and see what they’re up to. Make sure nothing too dangerous was immediately in the works.

The Players agreed and headed out. However upon arrival, they found their disguises unnecessary. the camp had moved! They found out from some hunters that a few of the leaders and a bunch of kobolds stayed behind in the cave, but all the rest of the camp packed up and left within hours of Leosin’s escape. For some reason Leosin being free really had them worried…

The players searched around the camp but it had been thoroughly stripped, so they decided to explore the cave. The Nursery as they heard it referred to before. As they started to head in, Rin was seen near the entrance and something inside moved deeper into the darkness. Exploration of this large cave will continue, next time.

Game 7
Escape from the Raiders

The adventure opened with our heroes tied up, on their knees, situated in a row with Frulam pacing back and forth in front of them. They were surrounded by cultists with no sign of escape.

Frulam interrogated the group while Rezmir watched on. It soon became apparent that the magic-sword-wielding black half-dragon was using some sort of magic to read the minds of the heroes. It didn’t matter what stories or lies they came up with, the Dragon-cult knew the truth!

After hearing each PC’s plea, Frulam sentenced them all to death at dawn. They were carried off to the prisoner pit and tied up with the others. Other prisoners that included Leosin! The players found the monk to be severely injured and malnurished, but he didn’t want to leave. With a bit of wisdom however they convinced him he was too far gone to continue his quest. And they were going to rescue him. How would they do that while all chained up? Easy.. They have a shape-shifting druid.

Rin quickly shed her chains (and everything else) by morphing into her direwolf form. She took out the nearby guards, with some help from Valdrek’s magic, and soon enough the PCs were free and running to the hills.

A mile or so outside of camp, the PCs quite unexpectedly ran into a group of deserters. They were caught by surprise and dispatched quickly. Turns out they had stolen a bag of loot from the Nursery cave and the PCs now have it. The loot included some coin and several magic items.

Continuing on, the PC’s made it back to just outside Greenest where they camped in the early dawn hours and let the prisoners rest up.

Thus ends Chapter 3. And all players now have a magic item. and all players can now advance to level 3!

Game 6
The Camp of the Dragon

The players successfully tracked into the Raiders Camp, and infiltrated ranks to chat among the other cultists. However, that didn’t last long. Unfortunately for our heroes, they were recognized from Greenest! It wasn’t long before they were captured, taken prisoner by the 3 leaders of the group. Rezmir, Frulam, and Langdedrosa.

Rezmir dropped Rin with a hold person spell while the others were grabbed and tied up. Things aren’t looking good for our heroes…

Game 5
In Pursuit of the Cult

Last month (and year) Our heroes saw the end of the raid of Greenest. As things settled down and the next day dawned, they met up with a monk who had some info on the cult. This monk, Nesim, and his Master Leosin have been studying the cult for some time. Leosin may have information on their real motives, but unfortunately he disappeared during the raid!

Nesim thinks he was taken hostage, and asked the heroes to keep an eye out for him.

The Governor of Greenest also offered a hefty reward to the players if they could bring back some specific pieces of information.

- Where is the cultist’s camp
- How many raiders are we dealing with?
- Who are their leaders?
- What’s their motivation?
- Who’s their next target?

Completing this will net each player 250g.

The Heroes headed out SW, following the wide swath of trampled grass the cult left behind. Soon enough they came upon some stragglers and beat them down. They captured two and after some serious threats of torture from Emrys, the heroes learned that the rest of the group is traveling on to a camp where the cult keeps dragon eggs, and that the main group will have a rear-guard setup to watch for followers.

With that warning firmly in mind, the heroes were ready to continue their pursuit, as soon as they decide what to do with the 2 cultists they had tied up…

Game 4
A Village Saved

Last session, our heroes saw the end of the raid on the village of Greenest. But it started, with a Dragon! An adult blue dragon working for the cult launched an attack on the keep itself after the heroes started interfering with their plans. After a few well placed spells and arrows, however, the big dragon decided it wasn’t worth it and flew off.

Our bard Valdrek penned a rousing tune telling the tale of Emry’s arrow that scared the beast away.

Just Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
a tale of a fabled shot!
fired from a sundered keep,
In-to a dragons… WHAT?

This inspiring tune was rewarded with, well, Inspiration for Valdrek!

After the dragon flew off, the PC’s were recouping inside when commotion from the gate caught their attention. An injured guard, Sergeant Markguth, came in claiming that a huge cultist half-dragon had his family!

Sure enough, the monstrous half-dragon known as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath sent out a challenge to the heroes in the keep. He had Markguth’s family held hostage, and said they would die unless the keep’s one greatest warrior came out to face him. Emrys took the challenge without hesitation.

In a valiant, but short fight, Emrys scored a series of powerful blow against Cyanwrath before dropping to a combo of spear attack and lightning breath. Emrys fell, critically injured while Cyanwrath gloated over him. Emrys’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain, however, as true to his word the half-dragon let the family of prisoners go.

As Cyanwrath left the keep, he took the rest of the cultists with him, thus ending the raid. Greenest is safe, for now… But what about Emrys?

Luckily, a healer was nearby. As Emrys failed his death save and took his last rattling breath, a Halfling Cleric came out of the keep and offered a quick prayer to Brandobaris to save the life of this brave warrior. That prayer was answered as the Halfling’s magic stabilized Emrys and the heroes carried his injured form into the keep for some much needed rest.

The PCs rested, healed, and woke up the next day to meet with the Governor. Because they’re the hero’ish sort, they offered to give all the loot they’ve found back to the city, since it was stolen from the villagers anyway.

The Governor let them know he had a mission for them regarding the raid as soon as they were ready. And also let them know that Greenest owed them a debt. Rooms are on the house, Any equipment they can spare is free. And he also provided 2 healing potions for the party.

Total Loot
2 healing Potions

Total XP
For scaring off the dragon 100xp each
For saving Markguth’s family – 50xp each
For Ending the Raid on Greenest – 200xp each
For facing Cyanwrath – 50xp to Emrys
Total XP = 350xp each (400 to Emrys)
so that’s 816xp for most players grand total, and 866 for Emrys
Still level 2, but working towards that 3rd level!

Game 3
Temple Prisoners

After clearing rats from the Keep’s hidden tunnel, our adventures made it back into the city in search of information. They were looking for a prisoner, someone in charge, like the purple-robed cult commanders dotted through the village.

The group soon found that the Temple of Chauntea was under siege by three groups of cultists! One was working to smoke them out, one was stirring up fear and chaos while circling the building, and the third was working on breaking down the fortified front door. Screams of terrified villagers emanated from inside. The heroes quickly came up with a plan to secure the back door, using a bit of magic to send a message inside and let the people know rescue had come. They managed to clear out two groups of attackers and rush the villagers to safety without a single one dying. The Priest of Chauntea led his group into the keep.

Further, one of the temple attackers was a purple-robed dragon-claw who the heroes captured and took back to Nighthill for interrogation. What they learned was not good news… It seems the cult is raiding villages to collect loot “for the great horde that will usher in the reign of the Queen of the Dragons.” and that the cult also has a clutch of eggs under heavy guard back at their camp.

Queen of the Dragons… None of you are sure what they mean, and no more info could be gotten. The term “Queen of Dragons” has been used before. Several giant dragons have claimed the term, and then there’s Tiamat… Tiamat is an evil dragon goddess. Sister to the great silver dragon Bahamat. She’s a 5 headed dragon, with one head of each of the evil dragon colors. She’s the true Queen of the evil dragons… But she’s hardly more than myth now, having been trapped in the hells of Faerun for centuries. If that’s the Dragon Queen they are collecting a horde for… Well that makes no sense. There’s no way they could bring her back to this world. Perhaps it’s another dragon, taking up the title of queen again. Maybe they plan to hatch one out. Or maybe it’s this blue dragon circling above.

Speaking of that dragon, The blue decided that this is a good moment to attack again and as the heroes were catching their breath from their last fight the keep shook with a lightning-breath attack. Nighthill and the heroes went to the walls in time to see archers arrows bouncing harmlessly off steel-hard scales before the defenders died in another flash of lightning. The huge blue dragon let out a roar and circled again, determined to terrify and kill as many in the keep as it can…

And that’s where we ended the night. Besides the bit of gold found, each player earns 150xp for the combats and rescuing the villagers.

Game 2
Greenest Keep

Our Adventurers made it into the Keep as chaotic orders were being shouted, and villagers tried to find ways to stay out the guards way. They soon met up with the two people in charge, the Castellan Escobert, and the Governor Tarbaw Nighthill.

Nighthill showed the heroes a view of the burning city from the walls of the keep. He pointed out the goals for the night while the raid went on. 1) Save as many villagers still trapped in the city as you can. and 2) Capture a cult leader in purple and bring him in for questioning. The only problem was the gates are closed tight and too many Cultists were outside to open them.

Escobert advised the players of a hidden tunnel leading out of the Keep towards the river, but not before a big lizard busted down the Sally Port gate and raiders got into the keep. The players fought to keep everyone safe while a local apprentice used magic to mend the gates closed.

Once the Keep was safe, The heroes used Escobert’s key to open the tunnel gate and entered a cramped darkness. About half way though, they stumbled into a large nest of rats that weren’t happy at the intrusion! Rats swarmed and attacked! And that was our cliffhanger for the night.

3 Healing Potions (of which all 3 were used)

There was only 1 small fight, so the worn heroes gained 50xp each. This, however, is enough to push you all to level 2! You each have 316 XP and are Level 2. This gives each player the following: (Note, you are NOT healed up and don’t gain all your spells back, but you do gain some new abilities and spell slots and HP that can be used immediately)


  • an extra 1d10 + Con Bonus HP (or 6 + Con bonus) You can roll it or take the average.
  • you gain Action Surge. Once per rest you can take 2 attack in a round.
  • Your second wind ability now heals 1d10+2 since it’s based on your level.


  • You gain 1d8+Con Bonus HP (or 5 + Con bonus)
  • You gain the Wildshape Ability
  • You can now prepare 1 more spell when you rest (4 total)
  • You gain 1 extra Spell Slot of 1st Level (3 total, 1 remaining now before your rest)
  • You get the hard choice of picking your Druidic Circle. You can now choose either Circle of the Land, or Circle of the Moon. Read up in the Druid section. Circle of the Land gives you more powerful spellcasting and more options with spells. Circle of the Moon allows you to be a more powerful Shapeshifter where you can fight more effectively in combat in your wild form. Unfortunately you can’t do both. So choose wisely.


  • You gain 1d6+Con Bonus HP (or 4 + Con Bonus)
  • You gain an extra 1st level Spell Slot
  • You gain 1 more spell that you know and can use.
  • You gain the “Font of Magic” ability with 2 Sorcery Points. You can use those 2 Sorcery points to do special things.
    • You can spend 2 to gain an extra spell slot
    • You can give up a Spell slot and gain the sorcery points back.
    • You’ll learn to do more things with sorcery points at higher level. for now, it’s basically an extra 1st level spell slot.


  • You gain 1d8+Con Bonus HP (or 5 + Con Bonus)
  • You know 1 more Spell
  • You gain 1 extra 1st level spell slot (3 Total now)
  • You learn the “Song of Rest”
  • You gain the “Jack of All Trades” Ability.


  • Any Spellcaster that is required to choose spells from a list and only know those spells (Sorcerer and Bard) and all Cantrip Casters, can redo their spell list slightly at each level. only 1 spell though. If you want to unlearn 1 cantrip and pick a new one, you can. If you want to give up a 1st level spell that you know and learn another, you can. You can do this every time you level up, but only 1 spell each time. This is in addition to any new spells you may learn upon leveling.
Game 1
Episode 1 - Part 1

Our Adventure begins…

After gathering together for various reasons, our four heroes find themselves traveling together in a merchant caravan heading west towards the Sword Coast. Valdrek the Bard entertained while Gwenovyre helped the caravan cook add a few final touches to the evening meal. Emrys showed off his sword skill, while annoying Rin the Dragonborn who just wanted to stay to herself.

The next evening they neared the village of village of Greenest, finding it under attack by a huge blue dragon and cult members. Kobolds and Humans swarmed the village while the dragon set it on fire with streaks of lightning. Looting and killing was rampant as the heroes arrived, and they quickly saved a family from death by kobold. The family informed them that everyone was holding up in the fort, and the heroes fought their way through several more enemies to help a group of villagers get there.

As soon as the heroes arrived in the fort the gates were closed as more Cultists of the Dragon swarmed into the city. Fires burn everywhere and things look grim for Greenest…

80g worth of looted treasure was recovered. Various semi-precious stones, silver cutlery, a few gold baubles and mid-quality jewelry, etc.

The Heroes defeated 10 Kobolds and 4 Cultists in the first adventure. Total XP value 350. They also snuck by a group of 6 more Cultists, avoiding a fight but earning another 150 XP. Finally, for saving 11 Villagers on their way to the keep, another 550xp! That’s a total of 1050xp. Divided by 4 is 263XP per player. It takes 300xp to hit level 2, so you can probably expect to be Level 2 after our next game!

Look forward to playing again. See you all Thursday!

Preparing to Play

Thanks for showing up everyone!

We covered character creation, setting up Roll20, some basic rules, and a sample combat!

I want to point out that nothing is set in stone until 10/23. Now that you’ve looked at the rules more closely and had a sample combat, if you want to change things up, even pick a new race or class, feel free. Ask questions if you have any, and get your character finalized by 10/23 for our first adventure.

If you missed 10/9, just let me know if you need help getting your character ready for 10/23.


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