Rise of Dragons

Game 3

Temple Prisoners

After clearing rats from the Keep’s hidden tunnel, our adventures made it back into the city in search of information. They were looking for a prisoner, someone in charge, like the purple-robed cult commanders dotted through the village.

The group soon found that the Temple of Chauntea was under siege by three groups of cultists! One was working to smoke them out, one was stirring up fear and chaos while circling the building, and the third was working on breaking down the fortified front door. Screams of terrified villagers emanated from inside. The heroes quickly came up with a plan to secure the back door, using a bit of magic to send a message inside and let the people know rescue had come. They managed to clear out two groups of attackers and rush the villagers to safety without a single one dying. The Priest of Chauntea led his group into the keep.

Further, one of the temple attackers was a purple-robed dragon-claw who the heroes captured and took back to Nighthill for interrogation. What they learned was not good news… It seems the cult is raiding villages to collect loot “for the great horde that will usher in the reign of the Queen of the Dragons.” and that the cult also has a clutch of eggs under heavy guard back at their camp.

Queen of the Dragons… None of you are sure what they mean, and no more info could be gotten. The term “Queen of Dragons” has been used before. Several giant dragons have claimed the term, and then there’s Tiamat… Tiamat is an evil dragon goddess. Sister to the great silver dragon Bahamat. She’s a 5 headed dragon, with one head of each of the evil dragon colors. She’s the true Queen of the evil dragons… But she’s hardly more than myth now, having been trapped in the hells of Faerun for centuries. If that’s the Dragon Queen they are collecting a horde for… Well that makes no sense. There’s no way they could bring her back to this world. Perhaps it’s another dragon, taking up the title of queen again. Maybe they plan to hatch one out. Or maybe it’s this blue dragon circling above.

Speaking of that dragon, The blue decided that this is a good moment to attack again and as the heroes were catching their breath from their last fight the keep shook with a lightning-breath attack. Nighthill and the heroes went to the walls in time to see archers arrows bouncing harmlessly off steel-hard scales before the defenders died in another flash of lightning. The huge blue dragon let out a roar and circled again, determined to terrify and kill as many in the keep as it can…

And that’s where we ended the night. Besides the bit of gold found, each player earns 150xp for the combats and rescuing the villagers.


ChrisVogel ChrisVogel

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