Rise of Dragons

Game 2

Greenest Keep

Our Adventurers made it into the Keep as chaotic orders were being shouted, and villagers tried to find ways to stay out the guards way. They soon met up with the two people in charge, the Castellan Escobert, and the Governor Tarbaw Nighthill.

Nighthill showed the heroes a view of the burning city from the walls of the keep. He pointed out the goals for the night while the raid went on. 1) Save as many villagers still trapped in the city as you can. and 2) Capture a cult leader in purple and bring him in for questioning. The only problem was the gates are closed tight and too many Cultists were outside to open them.

Escobert advised the players of a hidden tunnel leading out of the Keep towards the river, but not before a big lizard busted down the Sally Port gate and raiders got into the keep. The players fought to keep everyone safe while a local apprentice used magic to mend the gates closed.

Once the Keep was safe, The heroes used Escobert’s key to open the tunnel gate and entered a cramped darkness. About half way though, they stumbled into a large nest of rats that weren’t happy at the intrusion! Rats swarmed and attacked! And that was our cliffhanger for the night.

3 Healing Potions (of which all 3 were used)

There was only 1 small fight, so the worn heroes gained 50xp each. This, however, is enough to push you all to level 2! You each have 316 XP and are Level 2. This gives each player the following: (Note, you are NOT healed up and don’t gain all your spells back, but you do gain some new abilities and spell slots and HP that can be used immediately)


  • an extra 1d10 + Con Bonus HP (or 6 + Con bonus) You can roll it or take the average.
  • you gain Action Surge. Once per rest you can take 2 attack in a round.
  • Your second wind ability now heals 1d10+2 since it’s based on your level.


  • You gain 1d8+Con Bonus HP (or 5 + Con bonus)
  • You gain the Wildshape Ability
  • You can now prepare 1 more spell when you rest (4 total)
  • You gain 1 extra Spell Slot of 1st Level (3 total, 1 remaining now before your rest)
  • You get the hard choice of picking your Druidic Circle. You can now choose either Circle of the Land, or Circle of the Moon. Read up in the Druid section. Circle of the Land gives you more powerful spellcasting and more options with spells. Circle of the Moon allows you to be a more powerful Shapeshifter where you can fight more effectively in combat in your wild form. Unfortunately you can’t do both. So choose wisely.


  • You gain 1d6+Con Bonus HP (or 4 + Con Bonus)
  • You gain an extra 1st level Spell Slot
  • You gain 1 more spell that you know and can use.
  • You gain the “Font of Magic” ability with 2 Sorcery Points. You can use those 2 Sorcery points to do special things.
    • You can spend 2 to gain an extra spell slot
    • You can give up a Spell slot and gain the sorcery points back.
    • You’ll learn to do more things with sorcery points at higher level. for now, it’s basically an extra 1st level spell slot.


  • You gain 1d8+Con Bonus HP (or 5 + Con Bonus)
  • You know 1 more Spell
  • You gain 1 extra 1st level spell slot (3 Total now)
  • You learn the “Song of Rest”
  • You gain the “Jack of All Trades” Ability.


  • Any Spellcaster that is required to choose spells from a list and only know those spells (Sorcerer and Bard) and all Cantrip Casters, can redo their spell list slightly at each level. only 1 spell though. If you want to unlearn 1 cantrip and pick a new one, you can. If you want to give up a 1st level spell that you know and learn another, you can. You can do this every time you level up, but only 1 spell each time. This is in addition to any new spells you may learn upon leveling.


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