Rise of Dragons

Game 1

Episode 1 - Part 1

Our Adventure begins…

After gathering together for various reasons, our four heroes find themselves traveling together in a merchant caravan heading west towards the Sword Coast. Valdrek the Bard entertained while Gwenovyre helped the caravan cook add a few final touches to the evening meal. Emrys showed off his sword skill, while annoying Rin the Dragonborn who just wanted to stay to herself.

The next evening they neared the village of village of Greenest, finding it under attack by a huge blue dragon and cult members. Kobolds and Humans swarmed the village while the dragon set it on fire with streaks of lightning. Looting and killing was rampant as the heroes arrived, and they quickly saved a family from death by kobold. The family informed them that everyone was holding up in the fort, and the heroes fought their way through several more enemies to help a group of villagers get there.

As soon as the heroes arrived in the fort the gates were closed as more Cultists of the Dragon swarmed into the city. Fires burn everywhere and things look grim for Greenest…

80g worth of looted treasure was recovered. Various semi-precious stones, silver cutlery, a few gold baubles and mid-quality jewelry, etc.

The Heroes defeated 10 Kobolds and 4 Cultists in the first adventure. Total XP value 350. They also snuck by a group of 6 more Cultists, avoiding a fight but earning another 150 XP. Finally, for saving 11 Villagers on their way to the keep, another 550xp! That’s a total of 1050xp. Divided by 4 is 263XP per player. It takes 300xp to hit level 2, so you can probably expect to be Level 2 after our next game!

Look forward to playing again. See you all Thursday!


ChrisVogel ChrisVogel

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